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General Statement

Public speaking is a systematic, practical, verbal communication, which is basically oral but involves gestures and audiovisual supplements, intended to enlarge or alter listeners’ knowledge or comprehension, or to influence their attitudes and behavior.  Bryant, D. and Wallace, K., Fundamentals of Public Speaking.


Criteria for Oratorical Presentations


1.  Accomplishment of the goal of informing or persuading the listener

2.  Time limit requirements (3-5 minutes)

3.  Speeches over 5 minutes will automatically be disqualified

4.  Appropriateness of the subject matter in keeping with the contest theme

5.  Quality of delivery

a)  Voice (sufficient loudness level, adequate and varied rate of speech,

      clear diction, appropriate pitch, and good phrasing)

b)  Body language (gestures, eye contact)

c)  Pronunciation

d)  Speeches should be extemporaneous (not memorized)

6.  Creativity

7.  Research and support for speaker’s thesis






100     points maximum for each speech

5         points maximum for each category

1 - 5    points accorded each speaker in each category


Speakers will receive time warnings with 2 minutes remaining, 1 minute remaining, 30 seconds remaining, 15 seconds remaining, and stop.

Ties are decided by the addition of an alternate judge’s evaluation sheets. 





1.     Adaptation to audience/occasion

2.     Clear thesis statement

3.     Effectiveness of introduction

4.     Organization of main points

5.     Clear, smooth transitions

6.     Use of supporting data

7.     Use of appropriate language

8.     Effective dynamic conclusion

9.     Incorporation of theme

10.   Creativity in content, and 


11.   Overall preparation



12.   Appropriate rate

13.   Eye contact with audience

14.   Appropriate volume

15.   Varied vocal dynamics

16.   Acceptable pronunciation/       


17.   Varied appropriate gestures

18.   Appropriate use of note cards

19.   Spontaneity and enthusiasm

20.   Physical appearance/poise


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